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      “I met Steven as a fellow performer at a poetry showcase in February 2017. Of the many performers, he stood out in my memory as being especially passionate, prepared, and sensitive to the theme of mental health. For these reasons, I asked Steven to be a featured performer at my first ever "Let's Talk About [Blank]” showcase later that year. Steven was professional and responsive through every step of the planning process, and on the night of the showcase, he delivered a beautiful and thought-provoking reading from his poetry collection, “Death By Active Movement”. Steven's professionalism and talent were a major factor in the success of the showcase, which not only reduced a great deal of stress, but also helped turn a one-time show into a regular series. Steven is an absolute pleasure to work with and I would eagerly collaborate with him again in the future.” 

~ Alicen Grey. Poet, Performer & Playwright

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      "I'd like to recognize Mr. Licardi for the work he is doing in the mental health community. He is a true advocate for sensitive issues such as suicide. He advocates by way of his direct clinical work, as well as giving a creative voice to this under-discussed topic (suicide prevention). He presents actionable recommendations to help progress us toward a more open and understanding community overall, which will ultimately lead to more interpersonal cohesion and crisis prevention. His parallel creative work (poetry and spoken word) enhances educational awareness, and also provides a much needed pathway toward expressive healing and storytelling: a vital component of our society and culture. Mr. Licardi's insights have advanced my perspective as a care provider and an advocate."

~ Aynisa Leonardo, LCAT, ATR-BC

Co-founder/Director of Clinical Development


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      "The first time I ever saw Steven recite his work, I was blown away by the cataclysm of energy he brought to the stage — energy that was necessary for such a strong social commentary, a piece about the very real consequences of chemical warfare. A natural performer, Steven embodies his work through movement. His poems are so much more than just words on a page or words spoken aloud, but a visual representation, a personal story shared with those who would care to listen. His delivery is powerful, matter-of-fact, and yet, there’s a simplicity and eloquence as his poems explore and embrace the beauty and truth of the world. Steven’s work displays a clear awareness of social and mental health issues; his words shine a soft light on all things dark and difficult to address. His numerous projects, including visual art and audio recordings, are an inspiration to get up and pursue life and art, something he appears to do seamlessly, as for him, they are practically one and the same."

~ Bri Onishea. Poet & Writer

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      “In Steven Licardi’s ‘We Often Cross the Lines We Draw,’ he describes violence that someone does to himself, cutting into his own skin, while in ‘Neurotransmitigation,’ he describes the violence of war, violence directed outward. The two types of violence depicted in his poems are linked in ‘Neurotransmitigation’ by his reference to chemicals, the endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine of the body on the one hand, and the mustard gas used in chemical warfare on the other. The chemicals in the body contrast with what he calls the ‘anhedonia of democracy,’ the numbness that the person in ‘We Often Cross the Lines We Draw’ was perhaps trying to cut through, to open himself up. Steven furthermore links the political and the personal in ‘Neurotransmitigation’ when he writes that ‘War is a snow globe / shaken by those who have power / a state of contained chaos, not unlike a mind / caged in a dome of bone.” The memory of a light snow can be peaceful, but needing to vigorously shake the dome it is trapped in belies this potential for peace, especially if the snow is actually a kind of chemical ash.”

Carlie Anglemire. Philosophy Ph.D Student at Stony Brook University

Panel Response: "Philosophy and Art Conference" (March, 2015)

      “This genuinely good human being - Steven Licardi - came to our Drama Class and performed two slam poetry poems. He talked with us and I have to say - it was the best experience I’ve had. I was lucky enough to talk with him in a one-on-one way afterward and I learned even more. He inspired me to start up my poetry again… I just love how he treated us like we were equals.” 

C. V. (17-years-old)

Lindenhurst High School

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