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Music, Recordings & Videos

Musical collaborations, fusion, voice recordings, and videos.

We Often Cross The Lines We Draw

Commissioned to commemorate National Self-Injury Awareness Day (March 1st), the poem is meant to empower those who struggle to overcome the practice of "cutting." 

The Cure Mentality

Drawing from his own experience, this poem makes a plea to recognize the uniqueness of those with Autism. More can be found in "Perspectives: Poetry Concerning Autism and Other Disabilities (Volume II)." 

NOT the American Dream 

Inequality is the single greatest scourge to humanity. That age-old struggle between the haves and the have-nots. It lies at the root of most of society's ills and threatens our basic human rights all around the world. But we can change it.  ​​

Compositions, Musical Fusion, Collaborations & Sound Art.
Poetry & Spoken Word.
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