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"For those who heal and for those who hurt"


Printed and bound by hand, ensuring each book is as intimate and precious as the poems contained within, this chapbook is raw, unapologetic, and radically vulnerable. Tracing Steven’s personal mental health journey from patient to professional, it invites readers into the fragile and precarious space between his mind and heart. “I want people to feel as though they are walking into a stranger’s room, furnished delicately and with care, such that when they leave, they feel compelled to spruce up their own.” The book is dedicated to the nameless and innumerable therapists, teachers, professionals, and mentors who every day work with children and young adults to help them to overcome their struggles. “Their kindness," the author writes, "invariably kept me alive.”

Local Gems Press, 2013

"There is beauty to be found in death."


(from the introduction) "When I began to tell people about Death By Active Movement, I was met with scowls, gasps, questions of why, and general discomfort. People were sincerely put off by the idea of compiling a book of poetry about death!

Death is indubitable. The only thing that is assured equally for all of us in life is that it will end. We carry this knowledge with us wherever we go and in whatever we do. Why, then, to do we spend so much of our time and effort suppressing this knowledge?


It is for these reasons that I have undertaken this project; to help readers understand the nature (and beauty) of death. For once you have grasped your own mortality... Life becomes completely open to you and all its fleeting grandeur palpable."

Currently Out Of Print


"Steven T. Licardi, a relative newcomer to the poetry scene, writes with a sure-footed cadence that results in uniquely rhythmical patterns, as well as unexpected surprises blooming with each new page, a fresh voice that challenges and catalyzes the oldguard." 

~ Ed Stever,
Poet Laureate of Suffolk County.

"Steven T. Licardi's writing is a swift breath into the art of poetry. His powerful use of language manages to be provocative yet accessible to any listener. Steven in an exciting new poet that forces you to stand up and take notice. Yes indeed, the art of oral tradition is alive, strong, and buzzing through the conduit of this contemporary bard."

~ Clarity 
Long Island Spoken Word Poet & Host.

Photo courtesy of Marcuis McCheever.

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